Longmire Season 3 DVDNow that our announce of the Longmire Season 3 release managed to get massive attention, we are glad to have the chance to offer a copy to you.

I have to take this chance to once again say just how brilliant it is that we’re in a time which sees TV series finding new homes. I have never seen such a response to a DVD release announcement, and put together with the fan reaction to the show being saved by Netflix (and the fact that it had solid ratings anyway), it’s clear that this show has a lot of fans.

But, it isn’t just that the show has an audience. Considering the total layout of the TV spectrum these days, the show’s that attract a semi-decent number of viewers is astonishing. No, while perhaps not Shakespeare, Longmire is a show that is after moving in a unique direction, branching off from its own genre (after all, how many crimes can you investigate in Sleepy Town, Wyoming?), and it’s good to see people respond to that, whether you think it’s ultimately a great show or not.

At any rate, if you need the full scoop on the release, head over to the previously-mentioned Longmire Season 3 announce here.

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Longmire Season 3



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