Deadpool Rocket Ride

Deadpool can’t stop destroying the box office, and winning weekend after weekend, and as the host of products will obviously soon take over stores, there are going to be some that are cooler than others.
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If you want to really show off your Deadpool fan status, as opposed to just seeing it again and again, this is an awesome little treat.

Many chimichangas were consumed by the Factory Entertainment team to give them the energy to bring the first in their upcoming line of Deadpool products – the Deadpool Rocket Ride Premium Motion Statue! Standing fully erect at a colossal 10-inches tall x 9-inches long x 6-inches wide, this highly detailed Premium Motion Statue recreates one of Deadpool’s most iconic images. Deadpool’s red rocket gracefully sways back and forth simulating a sky rocket in flight, sure to delight fans eager for further stimula

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