In a move that is both fascinating and potentially eyebrow-raising, A&E Network has announced a ‘live’ (on a delay due to the nature of the content) reality show that takes viewers right into the heart of police work.

The show bills itself as giving viewers the chance to ride along in real time with six diverse police departments, with not only dash cams, hand-held cameras, and more, but also a live social media component in order to go even further ‘behind-the-scenes.’

Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E and Lifetime, announced the show saying-

“Every day the demands for more transparency in law enforcement continues to come from both civilians and police across the country,” said Sharenow.  “‘Live PD’ will not only highlight the difficult work being done by our men and women in uniform as they go out into the streets never knowing what to expect, but also answers citizens’ calls for clarity.”

The show will, so far, air in eight two-hour installments which will be hosted by ABC‘s Dan Abrams, with Dallas Police Department detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson. The report is that this team will, “guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences are seeing in real time,” though it’s somewhat difficult to imagine what that might mean. Cops with play-by-play commentary sounds a little odd.

The show will premiere Friday, October 28 at 9pm ET/PT.

While this is an offering that intends to capitalize on the general state of tension, it’s an idea that I have to imagine many will find interesting. Still, the exact nature of the show’s construction may seem a little puzzling to some. Dan Abrams, despite being ‘chief legal analyst’ for ABC News, isn’t a name that seems to pop up on the internet frequently because people have positive things to say. And, again, the idea of the running commentary on what officers are doing is something that’s tricky to wrap your head around, and the entire show obviously depends on it.

For now, it looks like we’ve got something that’s either going to become an instant hit, or a real trainwreck, and there’s isn’t enough going to know how to bet.

What do you think of the idea?

David Doss, former news executive producer at CNN, ABC and NBC, will serve as show runner for the series. Journalist Dan Abrams brings over 20 years of reporting and anchoring to the table and currently serves as the Chief Legal Analyst for ABC News. Detectives Kevin Jackson and Rich Emberlin have been partners for over two decades, having worked together in Patrol, SWAT, Criminal Intelligence, and Dignitary Protection Squad for Dallas PD.

Executive producers for Big Fish Entertainment are Dan Cesareo, David Doss, George McTeague, Kara Kurcz and John Zito. Executive producers for A&E Network are Elaine Frontain Bryant, Shelly Tatro and Sean Gottlieb. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “Live PD.”

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