The Book Of Life 2 Is Headed Your Way

The Annecy Festival is shaking things up this year, and part of the big news is that Reel FX Animation Studios and Jorge R. Gutierrez are moving forward with The Book of Life 2.

The original was a stellar film and easily one of the biggest impacts on the world of animated films from an independent in ages.

The story will reportedly be a continuation of the ideas in the first, continuing the story with the characters from the first movie. Though still in early development, Gutierrez hinted that he always wants to know what happens after the love story.

Getting a sequel underway is a big step, and one that is richly deserved, considering that the film not only made upwards of the $100 million mark, but took over the animated/comic culture, making its mark on Cons following its release. The first starred Diego Luna, Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, as well as a host of other interesting actors, and you have to expect we’ll be needing them on board if we’re continuing the story.

Best of all, the first film took a lot of risks, broke free of certain norms, and managed to ride a wave of success anyway. The artistry was unbelievable, and the story managed to explore new avenues towards its themes and ideas. Having Guillermo del Toro’s name on it didn’t hurt its chances for success, though it isn’t clear if he will be connected to the sequel as well.

The Reel FX/Gutierrez team are also working on Kung Fu Space Punch, an animated adventure about a biker space outlaw who clashes with a hard-ass cop, and has to protect the galaxy.


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Marc Eastman
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