Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Reveals “Fun” Plan For Future

The crew that brought you Spider-Man: Homecoming is back for more with Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it looks like the team may have upped their game.

While the current trend in comic book films suggests that audiences aren’t especially paying attention to who writes or directs the latest installments, the Spider-Man team may be on the way to changing that, despite being part of said trend.

Going into Homecoming, Jon Watts had directed Cop Car, Clown, and not a lot else. Despite Cop Car being a solid film, he was a choice that was at least a bit odd, and definitely telling (if you’re a bit of a cynic). As with several other comic features of late, it didn’t seem like anyone cared who was directing, as long as we had a superhero on the poster.

Similarly, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers didn’t exactly have a proven record going into The Lego Batman Movie, which led directly to Homecoming.

But, if we’re trying to make great teams and/or take the opportunity to give underappreciated talent a chance to prove themselves, it looks like we might be onto something.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is a mix of everything you might hope for in the continuation of the franchise, and also gives an indication that maybe we are taking things in a direction that is closer to some of the earlier “big” wins of the latest era of comic book films… only perhaps “lighter.”

Here’s Peter Parker, just looking for a vacation with his friends, when who shows up but Nick Fury. Ahhh skunked again. Weaving together High School angst with new supervillains is Parker’s tragic lot in life, and he’s just going to have to make do.

While this one is going to come down to efficient use of gags and effects, and the overall sense we make of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) within the new world order of superheroes the various film franchises have been putting forward, this is a trailer that at least sells the idea that we’re in for a good ride. It may even provide some evidence that Tom Holland has more in him than the “quipy sidekick,” we’ve seen thus far, or at least, might get a chance to prove it.

Mysterio, by the way, of no superpowers and a somewhat odd backstory, is going to take some work, or is going to get ruined.

Take a look above, and stay tuned for the plethora of marketing sure to hit soon.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sony Pictures; ©2019 CTMG, Inc.
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