Going The Distance Blu-Ray Review

Pointedly going for some sense of honesty and "reality" not often seen among the standard fare of romantic comedies, Going the Distance frequently loses itself to this effort, which feels false (and vulgar for the sake of vulgarity) more often than it describes the truth it's after.

Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Review

I can hardly imagine what I could tell you about Bambi at this point, but the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray is available today, and there's quite a bit I can...

Hall Pass Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

Hall Pass, which bills itself proudly as being a film by "the directors of There's Something About Mary," is a fest of inanity so far gone down the road...

Date Night Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

Phil and Claire Foster (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) are a typical couple in charge of a typical family. They have boring jobs, kids to deal with, and the...
Boss TV STARZ Kelsey Grammer

Boss Season 2 DVD Review

A show that is worthy of a new set of fans like few others, Boss never got out of the gates enough with the second season. It's hard to fault STARZ, having renewed the show before it aired, but it didn't get the following it deserved.