Penguins Of Madagascar Digital HD Review

Penguins of Madagascar is a far better film than it has been given credit for, and the Digital HD release shows it off well. The bonus features won't blow you away, but this is a film to own.

Gravity Falls Six Strange Tales DVD Review

The best show from Disney in a while, and one of the best kids shows as well. Hilarious and fun in equal measure, and a show that seems to think youngsters are pretty brilliant.

Devious Maids Complete First Season DVD Review

Devious Maids probably isn't an especially surprising show, if you know that it comes to you from the creator of Desperate Housewives, but even in comparison to that effort,...

Castle Fifth Season DVD Review And Giveaway

Previous season would have earned a higher score, but the show is still a best bet. The bonuses weren't fantastic, but fans will enjoy them.

Emma BBC DVD Review

It's difficult to find a synopsis or discussion of Emma which doesn't include the word naive, and with rather good reason of course. Yet, while there are several fine screen...