Free Birds Blu-Ray Review

A fun and entertaining ride, the kids are going to love this one, and over time it will become a favorite. Especially considering you don't have that many things to pull out for Thanksgiving.

101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition Review

101 Dalmatians seems to be one that slips people's minds, but is always back at the top of the list of favorites when you remind them. Here's a reminder for you, the Diamond Edition release is a must-own.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Digital Release Review

How to Train Your Dragon 2 won't disappoint fans, and spins whole new worlds into the world was already stunningly rich and vibrant. The characters are wonderful, and make this one a winner.

StarStruck Extended Edition DVD Review With Sterling Knight And Danielle Campbell Q&As

In the world of made-for-television, made-for-tweens movies, there is little offered that can even manage to simply avoid annoying those outside the target audience. StarStruck, while certainly not something parents...

Pushing Daisies – The Complete Season 2 Blu-Ray DVD

Pushing Daisies is the most unfortunate sort of victim of the attention to ratings, but the DVD release will hopefully let it live on.  Although it lasted through two...