Welcome to Me Movie

Welcome To Me Blu-Ray Review

Kristen Wiig takes a quirky, dysfunctional character and manages to make a comedy while celebrating the mental challenges and universal struggles of existence, instead of making fun of the character's condition. All while managing a role so engaging that you wouldn't care if it never ended.

The Family Blu-Ray Review

Luc Besson's The Family is one of his best in recent years, and while it still has its struggles, it is definitely a fun ride.
Nine Lives Blu-Ray Review

Nine Lives Blu-Ray Review – Kevin Spacey And Jennifer Garner Love Kids

Family fun takes a shot at going back to animal switching, which means we're aiming for nostalgia the target audience can't draw from. Still, Kevin Spacey manages a good effort at giving kids a laugh.
Outcast DVD Review

Outcast Blu-Ray Review

Outcast delivers an entertaining, action film that is trying to do so many things that the plot loses direction, but it's still a decent amount of fun.

The Catch The Complete First Season DVD Review And Giveaway

The Catch was one of the stars of last spring, adding some much-needed adventure to the TV lineup, and the release, while mostly serviceable, is still worth picking up.