Promised Land/Good Will Hunting Giveaway

Catch Promised Land while you can, and take home Good Will Hunting for good measure.

Orange Is The New Black Hits On Blu-Ray May 13th Loaded With Bonuses

Now you can have your Netflix, and Blu-Ray it too. If you or your friends refuse to sign up, you can still get the show that has everyone talking.

Lawless Hits On November 27th

This one is going to be worth checking out if you didn't catch it in theaters, and if you did, it's tailor-made for great bonuses.

Brave 3D Blu-Ray Review

It's a great release, and filled to bursting with bonus content that lives up to what people expect of Pixar in terms of behind-the-scenes additions. It could have a little more fun though.

101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition Review

101 Dalmatians seems to be one that slips people's minds, but is always back at the top of the list of favorites when you remind them. Here's a reminder for you, the Diamond Edition release is a must-own.