Happy Endings Season 2 DVD Giveaway

You've caught the Season 3 Premiere, now enter to win a copy of the Season 2 DVD. You know you want it.

The Adjustment Bureau Blu-Ray Review

This may turn out to be rather heavy on the spoilers by the time I'm done. I'm not sure though. I haven't decided. You've been warned. The best thing about...

Lost And Found (2008) DVD Review And Giveaway

The already classic children's book come to life in the animated adaptation, and it's the best children's book you'll ever watch.

Louie: Season One Blu-Ray Review

Louis C.K. is an interesting fellow. A balding, stocky, middle-aged man with the aesthetic charisma of one of our middling presidents (say Chester A. Arthur), if you passed him...

Nashville Season One DVD Review And Giveaway

The DVD release of Nashville's main drawback is that I'm not sure how rewatchable it is. It's worthwhile for fans though, with some decent, but not stellar bonuses.