Gran Torino – Movie Review

Gran Torino is a film that is going to stir up a lot of talk about racism, and there are going to be a lot of people remarking one...

A Most Violent Year Debuts Deceptively Calm Poster

A Most Violent Year is on track to the best movie not getting nearly enough attention this December, and the poster has been released.

Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

Moonrise Kingdom is a good, and extremely well made, movie. I do feel it didn't quite live up to its full potential, but it's still a great movie (one of the best of the year) that easily deserves your time and money.

Happiest Season Review – Holiday Tropes Get New Life

Most holiday films run with a gimmick as our excuse for paying attention to this particular holiday adventure, and Happiest Season both does and doesn't have one, and it...

The Nut Job Trailer Lays Out Solid-Looking Plan

Animated features are finally taking on more genre efforts, and the heist entrant, The Nut Job has a great trailer.