The Cabin In The Woods Trailer Released. Whedon Looks To Revamp Genre

Joss Whedon obviously likes to get his hands into a variety of projects, and now he's taking a shot at reworking the horror genre. The Cabin in the Woods,...

The Box Movie Review

When it comes to moral decisions, humans are actually quite fascinating. I say that not because of anything The Box relates in its unbearable two-hour delivery, but because when moral...

Logan Trailer Hits And Reveals Very Odd X-Men Effort

The Logan Trailer is a bit brutal, but it gives you a look at a very different, possibly very weird, style of superhero movie.

The Boxtrolls Trailer

The Boxtrolls new trailer gives you a great look into the world that is coming your way September 26th, and it's going to be a fun ride.

The Host Gets Another New Trailer With More Details

Now with 100% more cave hideout action.