Avatar Movie Review

There's something to the responses you're going to hear that rather negatively call out Avatar as having the same story as Dances with Wolves and any number of "going native" films,...

The Last Five Years Releases Poster

Based on the hit musical, The Last Five Years hopes to show off Anna Kendrick's musical talents as she and Jeremy Jordan share the story of their relationship.

Kick-Ass Movie Review

There's a delicious stupidity at work in Kick-Ass' titular character, who is at times also known as... "Dave." A comic fan, he wonders how it can be that no one...
Megan Fox Cosmo Cover August 14

Megan Fox Talks Her Sexuality, Ellen, And Possibly TMNT In Cosmo

The TMNT press ride is on the move, and Megan Fox is on the August cover of Cosmo.

Prometheus. WonderCon. Blah Blah Blah. Trailer. Squirrel.

So, as everyone knows by now, a new trailer for Prometheus is zipping around the internet, and everyone everywhere is reported as being, "full of joy." The film, which is...