Zootopia Movie

Zootopia Review

Disney has another hit, and another movie that deserves to become "required reading."
The Voices Movie

The Voices – Movie Review

The Voices will test your watching ability, and certainly your rating criteria. The question to ask is perhaps how well a film manages to become exactly what it was setting out to be. If that's where you're coming from, I find it hard to argue that it isn't perfect.

The French Dispatch Review – Anderson… Finally

Wes Anderson films, love them or hate them, all but demand that you question why you're watching them. Sure, spending an evening with Steve Zissou, or listening to a...

The Haunting of Hill House Review – Netflix Demolishes Genre Of Unease

The horror genre has always been overflowing with analogy and representation, whether the monster du jour is a stand in for societal fears or simply the ghosts that haunt...
Cruella Movie Review

Cruella Review – Disney Perfects Live-Action Adaptation By Avoiding Existing Stories

Disney's effort to turn animated features into live-action films has not only been hit-or-miss, but has run through an entire spectrum from near-line-for-line remakes to reinventions. With Cruella, Disney...