Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Nominations Press Release With Nom Counts

A rundown of the nominations, and official press release, including a very nice mention of an entertainment website.

Disney Has Live-Action Film About Snow White’s Sister In The Works

We may not need a Rose Red movie that gives Snow White a new spin, but Disney doesn't often commit without good reason.

How Will Doctor Strange Differ From Previous Marvel Movies?

  Given the recent and pronounced changes to Marvel’s line-up, there is clearly a marked desire to reach a more modern and diverse audience. From the development of complex and...
Uwe Boll Retires

Uwe Boll Is Retiring From Film, And No One Is Sad

In a move that hardly makes a lick of sense from any perspective, Uwe Boll announced that he's retiring from the world film. Of course, there will be many...

Sean Penn To Receive Joel Siegel Award At Critics’ Choice Movie Awards January 12th

The Critics's Choice Movie Awards are only a couple of days away now, and I really hope you're going to be tuning in. I've cast my votes, the film's...