Quentin Tarantino Talks Quitting, Actor Choices, And More In Playboy Interview

Quentin talks about a truly wild and diverse range of topics in a new interview... well, and his new film. Catch a sneak here.

The Best Movies Of 2010 – Way More Than 10

Whenever it's time for another list of films, it seems that it is also time for another disclaimer, and this is no exception. If you'd like to skip directly to the Top 10 movies of the year, I won't hold it against you. That's a serious warning, because this is crazy long.

Best Movies Ever… For Me… Roger Ebert Reactions Included

This list is a few years old, and many of these films have already been referenced here, but I've had requests to put up lots of lists.  Who am...

Best Movies Of 2009 – The Wishlist Version

So, there goes another year, and here comes the list for best movies of 2009. It was a surprisingly good year for films actually, no matter how you look...

Are You Screening Teams Up With History Channel Shop As Curator Of Sci-Fi Picks

I'm proud to show up on History Channel's shopping site, and you can find a great mix of films by visiting the curators section.