Critics' Choice Movie Awards A & E

20th Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Nominations, Golden Globes Comparison, Commentary & Predictions

The Critics' Choice Movie Awards will give out several special honors this year.
Natalie Dormer Cosmo Dec 14

The Hunger Games’ Natalie Dormer Goes Futuristic In Cosmo And Introduces Team In New...

Natalie Dormer has won fans on Elementary, Game of Thrones, and elsewhere, and now she's set to hit The Hunger Games, and Cosmo has her in December.
The Boxtrolls Soundtrack

The Boxtrolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Hits September 23

You don't want to miss out on the theatrical release of The Boxtrolls, and you should check out the soundtrack as well. You're going to fall in love with both of them.
Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting)

Robin Williams Was A Comic Genius, But That Isn’t Very Interesting

In the short time since Robin Williams passed away, you've probably learned more about him than you ever expected. From the wonderful story Norm MacDonald told via Twitter, to...
Megan Fox Cosmo Cover August 14

Megan Fox Talks Her Sexuality, Ellen, And Possibly TMNT In Cosmo

The TMNT press ride is on the move, and Megan Fox is on the August cover of Cosmo.