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TV & Movie News Roundup 9-24-16 – Luke Cage, Magnum P.I., And More takes a look at everything going on in the industry, and shares some of the stuff we didn't cover directly. (And other wacky bites)

Before Catching Kick-Ass 2 See The First On Yeah & Win The Comics Here

Catch Kick-Ass with a host of interesting that plays as you watch on YeahTV
Obvious Child movie

New Obvious Child Clip Has Jenny Slate Drunk-Dialing

Festival darling Obvious Child is hitting theaters tomorrow, and there's a new clip to check out.

Hidden Figures Releases Powerful Poster Alongside Trailer

There have been too many films recently that seemed to pass almost completely unnoticed, but it looks like Hidden Figures will manage to change that.

The Land Of Stories Movie Is Coming And Chris Colfer Gets All The Hats

The Land of Stories is heading to theaters, and it could be one of the coolest franchises to hit in a while.