The 20 Best Movies Of 2008

This was an absolutely crazy year in movies, and my best list was never such a confused and difficult task. If I were going for a worst list, I could...

List Of Best Movies Ever… It’s Not 10 Though… It’s 200… Part 1

Okay, open up another browser, warm up your Netflix queue, and let’s do this. Of course, you’ll want to print this out as well, but let me warn you,...

Shailene Woodley Open Up To Marie Claire Just In Time For Divergent Release

Shailene Woodley open up to Marie Claire on a variety of subjects, pulling in fans just as she has on recent talk shows.

Toronto International Film Festival 2012 Report

Quick coverage of ten movies from TIFF, and you're going to want to check it out, because several of them are great. - The Iceman, Argo, Cloud Atlas, To the Wonder, and more.

Matt Damon To Receive Joel Siegel Award At This Year’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

The Critic's Choice Movie Awards are drawing near, and the latest news comes in the form of one of our more interesting awards. This year, Matt Damon will be...