Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting)

Robin Williams Was A Comic Genius, But That Isn’t Very Interesting

In the short time since Robin Williams passed away, you've probably learned more about him than you ever expected. From the wonderful story Norm MacDonald told via Twitter, to...

Dora The Explorer Movie Trailer… Uhhh… Or Something

You know you'd go see it. CollegeHumor and Modern Family star Ariel Winter have a go at Dora the Explorer... and it's not bad. CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos RU?

AMC Networks’ Yeah! App Offers Up This Is Spinal Tap Free Through 4/11

Whether you're new to Tap, or have seen them in concert (like me), it's hard to argue with free, and the Yeah! App from AMC Networks is offering This...

Fifty Shades Of Grey Star Dakota Johnson Heats Up Elle

Dakota Johnson is already getting covers for Fifty Shades of Grey, and if that's any indication, the film is going to be a curious hit like few films before.
Critics' Choice Movie Awards A & E

20th Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Nominations, Golden Globes Comparison, Commentary & Predictions

The Critics' Choice Movie Awards will give out several special honors this year.