Two Faces of January New Clips

The Two Faces Of January – Watch Two New Clips

The massively tense thriller The Two Faces of January is available on iTunes, and there are a couple of new clips to pique your interest.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Releases New Images Which Aren’t Revealing But Reveal Much About...

Fifty Shades of Grey is about to hit, so the film has released some new images in order to make sure you have no more info about anything.

New Images For The Raven Bring On The Creep Factor

I'm really kind of a sucker for John Cusack, and the truth is that's probably just down to my age. The kicker here is that I'm also rather a...
My Man is a Loser Movie - John Stamos

My Man Is A Loser Releases New Clips

My Man is a Loser could be a sleeper hit, assuming it lets the cast deliver on their talent. Two new clips offer more info, but not a lot of laughs.

Kafka-esque Film ‘Enemy’ Releases Fascinatingly Uninformative NSFW Trailer

Enemy comes up with a featurette and a NSFW trailer, but it still isn't willing to give you a clue what's going on.