Paper Towns Trailer

Paper Towns may be exactly the follow up to The Fault in Our Stars that could combine to push us into an era of a better caliber of teen-centric film.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer – Drac Is Back

The Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer seems to give a good idea of the fun the sequel will offer, which will hopefully translate to the popularity it will likely deserve.

The Age Of Adaline Trailer 2 – Someone To Love

The Age of Adaline is another spin on the immortality game, but with a decidedly "Forever" twist.

Veronika Decides To Die – New Clips – Plus Trailer, Poster, And Stills

Veronika Decides to Die looks to have an impressive cast hoping to mess with your mind, and these new clips show that off well.
The Lazarus Effect Trailer

The Lazarus Effect Trailer

An odd horror movie is coming your way, and while The Lazarus Effect may seem vaguely familiar, it also looks creepy.