TNT Gets Lionsgate Franchises The Hunger Games and Divergent

Divergent Movie First Look Trailer Too Familiar? – Plus Image Gallery

Possibly a creative and interesting dystopia, but is it now too much of the same "old" thing?

Ender’s Game Trailer Sells The Effects

The Ender's Game Trailer has finally hit, and the internet is buzzing. The classic (if pretty short actually) novel comes to the big screen, and we get to hear...

Plus One Movie Gets A Trailer And Poster – Indie Crazy Looks Pretty Good

Don't skip over this one too quickly. Plus One looks pretty interesting once we get to the sci-fi.

Dallas Buyers Club Trailer And Images

Dallas Buyers Club is another notch in McConaughey's belt as he moves ever closer to a credibility that is nearly unbelievable.

Arthur Newman Trailer Impresses

Glad to have the star power in this little gem, because I'd hate it to slip completely under the radar.