Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer – Drac Is Back

The Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer seems to give a good idea of the fun the sequel will offer, which will hopefully translate to the popularity it will likely deserve.

Little Boy Trailer – Do You Believe You Can Do This?

Little Boy may become the new test film for a lot of people. A feel good film with more heart than can fit in an adult. Check out the trailer.

Welcome To Me Trailer

Kristen Wiig is about to launch another indie gem, and you don't want to miss this one. Welcome to Me hits May 1st.
Love & Mercy Movie Paul Dano

Love & Mercy Trailer

Love & Mercy spins Brian Wilson's life into a biopic journey with Paul Dano and John Cusack both playing the legendary songwriter.

The Age Of Adaline Trailer 2 – Someone To Love

The Age of Adaline is another spin on the immortality game, but with a decidedly "Forever" twist.