The Counselor Trailer – Huge Hollywood Names Collect For Oscar Hopeful

A massive collection of talent brings you the director, writer, and several actors that were on your list to see more from all in one place.

Oblivion Trailer

An odd trailer, and one that doesn't exactly make Tom Cruise look great (IMHO), Oblivion manages to look pretty fun anyway.

Final Hunger Games Trailer Throws You Into The Thick Of Things

The latest trailer isn't worried about story, it's just bringing you the Hunger Games action.

Elysium Trailer Lays Out The Sci-Fi And A Questionable Economic Premise

Neill Blomkamp's latest is a gritty, distopic actioner with a cyborg Matt Damon. What more is there?

After Earth Trailer

Does After Earth look worthwhile, or mostly like Will Smith can do whatever he wants?