The Voices Trailer

The director of Perseplis, Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, and Anna Kendrick are bringing you a film about murderous, talking cats.

Maps To The Stars Trailer And Poster

Cronenberg can hook you just with the trailer, I hope, and Maps to the Stars should jump to the top of your list of must see films hitting theaters soon.
The Lazarus Effect Trailer

The Lazarus Effect Trailer

An odd horror movie is coming your way, and while The Lazarus Effect may seem vaguely familiar, it also looks creepy.
Dragon Blade Trailer

Dragon Blade Trailer Takes Over Internet As John Cusack, Jackie Chan & Adrien Brody...

An oddly laughable trailer for Dragon Blade may turn into the best marketing ever, as audiences demand to witness just how bad this is for themselves.
The Loft Movie

The Loft Trailer And Poster

A remake of a 2008 Belgian film, The Loft looks to be a solid, tense thriller.