The Last Stand New Trailer

It's small town vs. tons of drug money in this extended trailer.

Lay The Favorite Trailer Delivers A Very Different Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis goes from action star to heady leading man to... odd gambler/bookie. This one doesn't have the giant marketing push you'd expect from these stars, but don't let this one slip by.

Dora The Explorer Movie Trailer… Uhhh… Or Something

You know you'd go see it. CollegeHumor and Modern Family star Ariel Winter have a go at Dora the Explorer... and it's not bad. CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos RU?

War Of The Buttons Trailer

Some stories manage to live on to be told again another day, even if they live somewhat on the fringes. War of the Buttons is the fourth film based...

Hyde Park On Hudson Trailer Hits And Bill Murray Looks Brilliant

We won't be seeing it until December 7th, and it's unlikely to be the kind of film that will ultimately bombard you with ads, so the trailer release for...