TNT Gets Lionsgate Franchises The Hunger Games and Divergent

Divergent Movie Review

Let it go and just have fun with it, and you're bound to enjoy it. It amazingly works on a lot of levels, but only to the extent that you can ignore the irritating effects of nonsensical development.
Zootopia Movie

Zootopia Review

Disney has another hit, and another movie that deserves to become "required reading."

Morbius Review – Comic Mayhem Straddles Cartoon Line – With Podcast Review

Buried somewhere in Morbius there is an interesting exploration of character, and certain moments struggle through the morass of cartoon gimmick and special effects obligation, but the film ends...

Inception Movie Review

For most purposes, the words "complicated" and "complex" are synonyms. When you dig around a little though, there is a big difference between the two concepts, at least, if you ask a lot of philosophers and thinkers. Generally, a thing is as complex as it is, but it isn't too complex, or not complex enough.

Ondine Movie Review

It is very difficult to describe the three-person play that is Neil Jordan's latest film, Ondine. Oh, there are other people in it, but apart from Stephen Rea's excellent...