Mr. Nice Movie Review – SXSW

Possibly one of the strangest directors working today (though not necessarily in a bad way), Bernard Rose's new film Mr. Nice fits into his collection about as well as anything...

Immortals Movie Review

Unfortunately, despite taking its opening weekend, Tarsem Singh's Immortals seems likely to go as under-appreciated as his masterpiece, The Fall. Whether or not it manages to hold onto a...

The Cabin In The Woods Movie Review

The Cabin in the Woods has all of the strange theory behind it that you might expect from creative team Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, and for the most...

Spent: Looking For Change Movie Review – Tackling The Breakdown In Banking

Spent: Looking for Change is a skillful examination of problems in the traditional banking system that are opening the door for the exploitation of America's struggling working class, and showcases the idea that we may be in a lot more trouble than we think.

Highland Park Movie Review

An unfortunately reserved project that should have turned things up more. It zigs when it should zag, with almost every decision.