It’s A Wonderful Death – Donnie Darko Revisit

Because this happened to come up recently (and there is talk of a sequel), and because I'm still working a bit on changing over and don't have so much...

Precious Movie Review

There is an old joke in philosophy circles about Hegel, which I will sum up by saying that many consider him famous for being famous. In today's society, we're...

Megamind Movie Review

Megamind is one of those Hollywood numbers that comes along, with ever-increasing frequency, born more of a quick excuse and an ability to contract talent than any overwhelming interest in creating a great movie. We can get a lot of names on our poster, and... well, no, that's it really. It has the kind of plot that has existed for decades at every college in the country, anywhere you find a tight-knit group of nerds congregating. Most of the elements, polished up for the daylight though they may be, still smack of spawning forth during a bender, rather than as the result of any collaborative effort of clever minds.

Margin Call Movie Review

Margin Call is a night in the life of a group of poor schmucks who work at multi-billion dollar investment firm. Set in the early stages of the 2008...

Black Swan Movie Review

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that few among the most serious of cinephiles are huge fans of ballet. More important than the truth of this statement (which I'm not really committed to) is the fact that it seems to be true.