Priest – Movie Review

For all that it is ultimately in the genre of bubble gum, action nonsense, Priest is an altogether tricky vehicle. Having virtually nothing to do with its namesake graphic...

9 – Movie Review

Shane Acker's theatrical expansion of his animated short 9 is both the most exciting thing to happen in quite a while, and one of the bigger disappointments. Still, it's...

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Review – Michael Bay Still Own Worst Enemy

Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to work for fans, and anyone who can be convinced to show up, and better than some of the earlier films, but it still has a lot of problems, and it misses out on some easy fixes/changes that could have made it a real winner.

Jupiter Ascending Review

A moderate student film that no one would have ever paid attention to, but with $275 million more behind it, and some cool visuals, Jupiter Ascending is bad more than The Matrix is good, and that's a lot.

Mortdecai Movie Review

Mortdecai loses out by not picking a direction, and it should have had more going for it, because the cast is fun despite what they're in.