See Girl Run Movie Review

If only we could say that obviously this will lead to a dozen, big-budget efforts by Nate Meyer, the film world might be a different place. A subdued, multi-layered gem that showcases a strong cast.

Equilibrium Movie Review – Revisit

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Benjamin Franklin “I’d like to get to know you well... so we can...

Secretary – Movie Review

There is a lot of really bizarre S & M in the Secretary, and moreover there is nudity and general freakiness. You’d be hard-pressed (I hope) to watch this...

They Came Together Review – David Wain Lampoons Rom-Coms

They Came Together attempts to take romantic comedies to task in such a straight-forward way that it is almost a jab at movies in general. You won't roll in the aisles, but you'll have a hell of a good time.

Easy A Movie Review

Even a mild John Hughes reference can send your teen angst movie into a tailspin of expectation failure, and Easy A doesn't merely nod at the legendary writer/director, but provides...