Zoom Review

Movies that start out making you feel lost and never let you loose (that are good) are the rarest there are, and here's another one.

Jason Bourne Review

Jason Bourne doesn't live up to the franchise, but Matt Damon does... and it's pretty fun.

Suicide Squad Review

The worst comic films we've seen in the last few years have largely been at least efforts at pushing fun and adventure. Suicide Squad stands out as seeming to be an effort by those who aren't even fond of the genre.
Ghostbusters Movie The Team

Ghostbusters Review – The Misogyny Question Is Still Alive

There's a lot to like about the theory here, but there's nothing left after making it through this insulting, unfunny mess.

Finding Dory Review

Possibly one of Pixar's best worst efforts, Finding Dory is still a no-brainer, but it probably serves best simply to make you respect the sequel moratorium.