The Imitation Game – Movie Review

Easily one of the best movies of the year, The Imitation Game has everything you could hope for in a film about those people who, during World War II, couldn't be computer nerds, because they were inventing the thing.
We Are The Best Movie

We Are The Best! Movie Review

We are the Best! is so clever that it often seems not to be saying anything at all, and the stars all deserve more attention and applause than there is any hope of them getting. There is no movie hitting theaters this summer that I recommend more.

New York Street Games Movie Review

Every generation in the history of mankind has talked about the good old days, so it isn't surprising to find one more example of reminiscing about days gone by...
Joker Movie Review

Joker Review – The Origin Story Of… Someone

The beauty of films about superheroes and cultural icons, and/or adapted from popular works, is that you've got a ready-made audience, but more importantly, potential viewers know...

It’s A Wonderful Death – Donnie Darko Revisit

Because this happened to come up recently (and there is talk of a sequel), and because I'm still working a bit on changing over and don't have so much...