Good Boys Review – Movies For Those Who Have To Sneak In Return?

It's some time since I was forced to question the intended audience of a film... well, when looked at in relation to the film's rating, but if...
James Mangold

James Mangold Set To Direct Captain Nemo

James Mangold is a director with a slightly odd CV, and now he'll be throwing yet another 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea film into the mix. It isn't even...

Mechanic: Resurrection Releases New Clip & Jessica Alba Isn’t Backing Down To Statham

The Mechanic returns, and now he not only has to assassinate several of world's most dangerous people, but he has to deal with Jessica Alba as well.
Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Tom Hollandvideo

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Delivers Teen Angst Hero You’ve Missed

A lot of people may not quite be desperate for another reboot, but this trailer makes things look pretty good.