Younger Review – TV Land

Younger is the first decent show of its genre to come along in several years, and Sutton Foster should be able to connect you with this one. The potential alone is worth giving this one a shot, and if there's a chance you'll like it, the smart money is on settling in for your new favorite show.
The Odd Couple Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon

The Odd Couple Review – TV CBS

The Odd Couple has the ingredients, but it needs to figure out what recipe its after if it hopes to keep viewers.

The Slap Review – TV NBC – High Drama Meets Flaccid Characterizations

The Slap is a good idea (with a silly name) that goes too far to ultimately maintain its own effort. It's guilty pleasure at best, and hard to distinguish from soap operas, except for its delusions of grandeur.

One Big Happy Review – TV NBC

One Big Happy needs you to settle in with it. It's working a theory that you'll like these people, as opposed to having to make you laugh ten times a minute. It has the cast to pull it off, and if you're on board for something that is insanely fun, instead of funny, you'll be glad you gave it a shot.
Dig Review

Dig Review – TV USA – Plus March 19th Preview

Dig is tough ground, and not something most people are going to be able to reconcile. One part of it is a lot of fun, with actors that pull you in, but the other part is silly, and largely nonsensical.