Sleepy Hollow Review: FOX Jumps In The Wacky Fantasy Genre

Another in the growing list of crazy adventure shows, this one is hard to place at this point. Sleepy Hollow has a lot going for it in its star, but where it heads (ha) now is up for grabs.

Dirty Dancing TV Review – The Accidental Parody Genre Crowns Its King

Dirty Dancing is difficult to watch, but as an attempt at destroying an original, it is oddly powerful.

Younger Review – TV Land

Younger is the first decent show of its genre to come along in several years, and Sutton Foster should be able to connect you with this one. The potential alone is worth giving this one a shot, and if there's a chance you'll like it, the smart money is on settling in for your new favorite show.
Z: The Beginning of Everything

Z: The Beginning Of Everything Review

The aren't a lot of period biopics that can remain this fascinating, or deliver such a solid character, for this long. Which is why they are usually only films.