Glee – TV Review

If you happened to miss FOX's preview special of the Glee pilot episode, it isn't that surprising given the competition, but you missed a real treat.  The misfit musi-comedy...

The Blacklist: Redemption TV Review

A fun, action entertainer that is perhaps only a skin over Mission Impossible, but with great actors pulling you along.

Murder In The First TV Review – TNT

Murder in the First is a prime example of not knowing how to work the idea you've got. Two steps past drama isn't "better drama," it's just being silly, and with characters asked to deliver several levels, they aren't real, reacting almost at random. On the other hand, if you like Scandal...
Good Behavior TV Review - Michelle Dockery

Good Behavior TV Review – Michelle Dockery Amazes In Massive Leap From Downton

Michelle Dockery is hoping to take over television again. It's a trickier run this time, but just as worthy.

Orange Is The New Black Releases Season 2 Character Posters

Orange is the New Black is about to hit with its second season, and you don't have a lot of time to rewatch (because you know you already watched...