Undateable Goes Live Tonight – The Cast Discusses

Undateable is going live tonight, and it's going to be a crazy ride full of special guests. Listen to them talk about the idea.

Watchworthy App Released By Ranker To Help You Find What To Watch

With everyone practicing social distancing (or at least physical distancing - let's stay social), there has never been more need for good ideas of new things to...
Luc Besson

TNT Buys ‘Artificial Intelligence’, A New Show By Luc Besson & Bill Wheeler

TNT made a major play in acquiring Artificial Intelligence, a new show that will revolve around an "escaped" AI, and the efforts to monitor, stop, prevent, understand whatever it...
Kim Kardashian Nude Twitter Selfie Feature

Kim Kardashian Nude Selfie Response Is A Big Thank You America

Kim K. had a carefully-crafted response to the suggestion that women have more to offer than their bodies. She has lots of money.

The John Wick TV Series ‘The Continental’ Will Follow The Film’s Hotel ‘Base’

John Wick fans have a lot to celebrate, and the television world may be in store for a bit of a shake up.