Odd Mom Out Bravo

Odd Mom Out Review – Bravo’s Rich-Hating Comedy Hopes To Wow

Odd Mom Out has a lot of parts that most will enjoy, and its star has the charm to pull you in, but the comedy feels familiar and doesn't quite make you desperate for more.
The Good Place

TV & Movie News Roundup 9-24-16 – Luke Cage, Magnum P.I., And More

AreYouScreening.com takes a look at everything going on in the industry, and shares some of the stuff we didn't cover directly. (And other wacky bites)
The Bastard Executioner

The Bastard Executioner Review – TV FOX

Kurt Sutter's The Bastard Executioner eventually sets up a "Jax and his Merry Men" framework that will feel familiar, but there is so much that is wildly goofy going on, and each step is more simplistic than the last along the road we have to take to get there.

A&E Network Going Inside Police Work With ‘Live PD’

A&E wants you to ride along for Cops 2.0 with running commentary, but... is that a thing people are after?

Taboo TV Review – FX Lets Hardy Loose And Delivers

Not only are there few shows as solid as Taboo, but almost no show has ever kicked off as well, sucking you in within the first few minutes. Besides, nothing has a character like this, and Tom Hardy is at his best.