Merlin Season Three Preview With Bradley James & Colin Morgan Interview

Merlin, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Anthony Head, returns for a third season on Syfy beginning Friday, January 7, at 10PM (ET/PT).

The Fairy Jobmother Premiering Tonight On Lifetime – Preview Plus Hayley Taylor Interview

Based on the popular British show with the same star, The Fairy Jobmother is not only best explained as The Supernanny of Employment, the idea accurately describes the format. Hayley Taylor steps into people's homes, evaluates their lives, and helps them find work. In some sense, it's as simple as that, but if you're familiar with similar shows, you're well aware that things are never that easy.

No Ordinary Family TV Review

ABC's No Ordinary Family takes gimmick television to a whole new level, but does so in the smartest possible way. For months the show has been referred to as...

My Generation TV Review

ABC's My Generation has a very tough road ahead, and most of its difficulty comes from an overabundance of drama and competition. Up against The Big Bang Theory, Bones,...

Better With You TV Review

Better With You (just so as not to confuse, you may have heard it referred to as Better Together at one point) is a sitcom that follows three couples,...