Jean-Claude Van Johnson Review – JCVD Is Hilarious In Self-Deprecating Winner

There are some shows that everyone should watch just to figure out how to gauge other people's opinions and Jean-Claude Van Johnson is one of them. It's also an almost surreal experience, hopelessly entertaining, and mostly hilarious.
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ABC Announces New Fall Shows And Releases Trailers – Are Any Worth It?

ABC's new efforts are looking a little rough, but there are a couple of possibles in there.
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FOX Finally Gives Up On American Idol After One Last Year

The King is (almost) dead. An icon of television is finally on the way out as American Idol will only get one more season.

The Goldbergs – Adam Goldberg Gets Me To Revisit The Show For Season 3

Adam F. Goldberg wants people to give his show another chance, even if he has to make sure it happens one critic at a time. I have to admit that he got me.

The Jim Jefferies Show Review

Jim Jefferies is taking on a new format for his voice, and he's on fire.