3rd Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards Results

The 3rd Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards were spectacular, and for the most part, I think the right shows took home the prizes.

Masterchef Review And Sneak – Clips And Contestant Recipes Included

Finally, with all the shows jumping to American television, we've made it to one I've really been waiting for. Masterchef is hitting on FOX this Tuesday, July 27th at 9:00pm...

History’s Top Shot Brings You Their All-Stars On May 29th – Get Reacquainted Now

It's a chance for redemption, and a chance for fans to get more of their favorite marksmen. Looks like a rough ride either way though.

Mayans M.C. Review – Kurt Sutter Returns To A Setting He Can Manage

Heading into Mayans M.C., which is something of a sequel/spin-off hybrid, the only question that really matters is whether or not we're heading into something that actually...

Riverworld TV Review

The mind of Philip Jose Farmer is a dangerous place to play around. Author of dozens of science-fiction novels, winner of as many awards, and general legend in his...