Falling Skies Review – TV – TNT

In just a few days, TNT will begin airing Falling Skies, its hope that it can succeed in a genre that hasn't performed especially well of late, and a...

The Slap Review – TV NBC – High Drama Meets Flaccid Characterizations

The Slap is a good idea (with a silly name) that goes too far to ultimately maintain its own effort. It's guilty pleasure at best, and hard to distinguish from soap operas, except for its delusions of grandeur.

The Blacklist Switches Gears And Makes Red The Target Tonight

The Blacklist, one of the best new shows this fall, and already a hit, has revealed a lot of information over the last couple of episodes, but things change...

Weird Loners Review – TV FOX

Weird Loners is actually a lot of fun, but it doesn't have a great hook. In ten episodes you may really love it, but it kicks off with a real question mark when it comes to convincing you to get that far.
Great British Bake Off

What The Hell Is Going On With ‘Great British Bake Off’? Mary Berry Quit...

The Great British Bake Off is creating one of the weirdest media explosions in recent years, and Channel 4 just paid a lot for a show that may be empty when it lands with them.