Suits TV Review – USA

USA has a good history with me, and apart from Fairly Legal, it is the home of some of my favorite shows. The network stands out to me, because...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review – Samberg Takes Cops For A Ride

On September 17th, SNL's Andy Samberg is going to try to sell you on cop comedy, and it's about as tough a game as coming up with a Brooklyn Nine-Nine...

Sleepy Hollow Review: FOX Jumps In The Wacky Fantasy Genre

Another in the growing list of crazy adventure shows, this one is hard to place at this point. Sleepy Hollow has a lot going for it in its star, but where it heads (ha) now is up for grabs.

Bates Motel TV Review

Young Norman has it rough, and you get to follow along. Interested?

The Blacklist Review – NBC Lands Best New Drama

Potentially one of the best shows in quite a while, especially for network dramas, and a pilot that hits the ground running. This is the one not to miss this year.