Crowded NBC Pilot

Crowded Review – NBC Draws From TV Land For Huge Win

Crowded is, quite simply, the show you've been waiting for... assuming you're a fan of Warburton, Suzanne Martin's work (Hot in Cleveland), or just like to laugh.
Fuller House Netflix

Fuller House Review – Back To The Tanner Well?

Fuller House manages its own version of winning, which means that you can stand to watch it, and it will eventually suck you in. This is exactly the same plausible response to the original.

The Magicians Review – Syfy Stumbles Into Its Best Show Ever

Syfy managed to pick up a show dropped by FOX and get itself one of the big wins of the year. From a great writer, with great writers, and a surprisingly talented cast, The Magicians isn't one to miss.
Game of Thrones Season Six trailer

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Spells Out A Lot Of Doom – Go...

Game of Thrones is returning April 24th, and the show has finally released a trailer, but don't expect a lot of information in it, or from anywhere else. HBO has...
Katie Aselton

The League’s Katie Aselton Sticks With FX And Joins Legion

FX has a knack for producing rabid fans, and while their shows may not have the highest ratings (though some of them do actually), you don't want to learn...