The Real O'Neals

The Real O’Neals Review

The Real O'Neals doesn't suffer from a lack of trying, but it's a convoluted setup, and struggles to overcome the inherent unlikability of Plimpton's character. Still, once it gets rolling it has a solid stage for great comedy, assuming that's where it's going.
The Family ABC

‘The Family’ Review: ABC Piles On Drama To Little Effect

The Family goes through the motions of many shows that came before it in the now popular long-arc realm, but it doesn't seem to understand what worked, beyond making things dramatic, and hoping for secrets.

FX’s Taboo Releases Bizarre, Gritty Trailer

Tom Hardy is on the move right now, and since FX's Taboo is currently set to "probably" air in 2017, it's a good idea to burn the show into...

The Goldbergs – Adam Goldberg Gets Me To Revisit The Show For Season 3

Adam F. Goldberg wants people to give his show another chance, even if he has to make sure it happens one critic at a time. I have to admit that he got me.

Scream Queens Review – TV FOX – If You Love AHS This Is Your...

Scream Queens is a kind of trick of marketing intended to have two AHS series on at the same time without having to admit. It's the sorority version, and is littered with the mind-numbing action and characters we witnessed in the last few season of AHS. You know where you are.