The Whispers

The Whispers Review – ABC Creepy Mystery Drama Spins Wild Yarn

The Whispers sorely lacks the delivery it needs to pull off an inherently laugh-inducing concept, and the writing pays far too little attention to overall construction.

Killer Women TV Review

A worthwhile effort gone horribly wrong, Killer Women is laughable at best, and often slips into being downright silly.

Empire Review – TV FOX

There's very little positive going on in Empire, except that Terrence Howard is worth watching. The trouble is that it's so far down the rabbit hole that it sort of dares you to be able to describe how bad it really is. It tries like hell, and you have to give it something for that, but a lot of what it tries relies heavily on your stupidity.
The Family ABC

‘The Family’ Review: ABC Piles On Drama To Little Effect

The Family goes through the motions of many shows that came before it in the now popular long-arc realm, but it doesn't seem to understand what worked, beyond making things dramatic, and hoping for secrets.

Black Box TV Review – ABC Takes On Mental Health Drama

A missed opportunity to explore rich ground, and deal with tricky subjects. Black Box is pretty sure you'd prefer a romance novel with cardboard characters to a legitimate portrayal of a smart woman with a troubling flaw... and it's probably right.