Dig Review

Dig Review – TV USA – Plus March 19th Preview

Dig is tough ground, and not something most people are going to be able to reconcile. One part of it is a lot of fun, with actors that pull you in, but the other part is silly, and largely nonsensical.

The Last Man On Earth Review – TV FOX

After SNL and Nebraska, I'm willing to give Will Forte a lot of room, and I appreciate the complexity of the comedic effort here, but unless the spin that won't connect for at least a couple of episodes is a real slam dunk, this one doesn't offer up enough along the way to make it worth waiting to find out.

Dominion Review – Syfy Offers Up Wacky/Serious TV Option

Syfy's Dominion is mostly a lost opportunity that hasn't managed to gel all of its components into a whole that makes a lot of sense, or delivers all of the entertainment value a guilty pleasure needs. Still, it has some fun, and if you're of a mind to tune in, you shouldn't be too disappointed.

Intelligence TV Review

It tries to spin so many webs that it can't hope to keep them all interesting. This is made especially maddening, because if it would have tried to stick with a simple approach at an interesting idea, it might have been great. The rating is positive to the extent that it could still switch gears.

The Mysteries Of Laura Review – NBC TV

Attempting to blaze a new trail in the guilty pleasure category, the best you're going to hear about The Mysteries of Laura is, "it's silly, but I like to watch it," which isn't quite an endorsement that will pull you in. There are a few moments of fun, and Debra Messing is good, but this is a show that doesn't know what it's doing, and will be unwatchable for most.