The Whispers

The Whispers Review – ABC Creepy Mystery Drama Spins Wild Yarn

The Whispers sorely lacks the delivery it needs to pull off an inherently laugh-inducing concept, and the writing pays far too little attention to overall construction.
The Family ABC

‘The Family’ Review: ABC Piles On Drama To Little Effect

The Family goes through the motions of many shows that came before it in the now popular long-arc realm, but it doesn't seem to understand what worked, beyond making things dramatic, and hoping for secrets.

Black Box TV Review – ABC Takes On Mental Health Drama

A missed opportunity to explore rich ground, and deal with tricky subjects. Black Box is pretty sure you'd prefer a romance novel with cardboard characters to a legitimate portrayal of a smart woman with a troubling flaw... and it's probably right.
Notorious - PIPER PERABO

Notorious Review – TV- ABC Aims To Throw The Whole Well At You

Notorious hopes it fits right in with ABC offerings, and it might, somewhat, but that isn't a good thing.

Killer Women TV Review

A worthwhile effort gone horribly wrong, Killer Women is laughable at best, and often slips into being downright silly.