The Finder Review – FOX

A couple of FOX's big shows, mainly Bones and Fringe, have outstayed their welcome really, but Bones is at least trying to provide some more entertainment for its fans,...

NBC Reveals 2013-2014 Lineup – Catch Full Preview With Trailers And Clips

The full rundown on NBC's schedule with images, trailers, clips, and synopses. Get ready to mark your calendar.

Hotel Hell TV Review

This one works, but future episodes will decide how much America is able to fall in love with the show.

The Goldbergs Review – Reality TV Gets A Sitcom

A witless attempt, apparently, to capitalize on the fact that laughing at stupid people is a growing trend in ratings. Let's see how America votes.

Elementary TV Review

The best new show of the season, and a surprisingly deft treatment of such an update. Miller is so fun to watch that you're happy to let him carry you along.