ABC Fall Schedule 2013 Full Preview With Trailers

ABC has some interesting efforts headed your way for fall, unfortunately these are mixed in with the usual write-offs.

666 Park Avenue – TV Review

The pilot takes its time, and it isn't love at first sight, but let this one grow on you a while, and you may have a new favorite.

Chloë Sevigny Moves to Portlandia

Chloë Sevigny makes for an interesting addition to this utterly quirky IFC commodity. Are you already a fan?

Emily Owens M.D. TV Review

An interesting effort, and one that should pull in a lot of fans. It's fun and quirky with a unique brand of honesty, and the writers have me for a while at least.

Beverly Hills Nannies TV Review

Just another train wreck of rich people who are at least too stupid to realize we're only watching because we find them, as entities, a twisted joke.