Houdini and Doyle Fox

Houdini And Doyle Review – FOX Mixes Winning Elements Into Unlikely Star

If there's any chance you'll like Houdini and Doyle, it's a safe bet that you will. If you aren't drawn to it, there may be no hope of selling to you.
Blindspot NBC

Blindspot Review – TV NBC

Blindspot pulls you in well, even if the opening scene isn't quite what the show thinks it is, and the stars nail the entry. The wild theory behind things give you enough to hook you, and the effort toward a realistic response will keep you. If there's any chance that you'll like it, you'll love it.

Speechless Review – TV – Minnie Driver May Finally Have The Perfect TV Fit

Minnie Driver is taking another shot at sit-coms, and this one may just be what you were looking for.

The Comedians Review – TV FX – The Office Reinvents Abbot & Costello

The Comedians may find that it is too clever for its own good, but having a home on FX will probably help. It's one of the funniest shows I've seen in ages, but you may have to be a bigger fan of Crystal than Gad to get everything out of it.
Atlanta - FX

Atlanta Review – TV – Donald Glover Continues To Impress

Donald Glover fans are in for a treat, and so is everyone else. Atlanta is going to have everyone talking.