THE BRIDGE -- Pictured: (L-R) Diane Kruger as Sonya Cross, Demian Bichir as Marco Ruiz

The Bridge Review Season 2 – FX Drama Switches Gears

The Bridge doesn't get out of the gates well for its second season, but viewers probably shouldn't let that turn them... yet. The elements are there, and Demian Bicher is still strong, but it feels like a rush to get somewhere, without really knowing where exactly.

Doozers Review – Hulu Brings Back Henson’s Green Builders

Doozers is the children's show you've been waiting for, and it lives up to the expectations you ought to have for anything from the Jim Henson Company and/or anything related to Fraggle Rock. It's a surefire win with kids, and has the educational component behind it locked in.
Camp Stew TV Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette Will Host New Sportsman Channel Series Camp Stew

The Sportsman Channel and Penn Jillette team up for Camp Stew, a show that brings you the best and worst outdoor videos around.
Starz Logo

STARZ Resurrects Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

It's finally on! Neil Gaiman's American Gods will come to screens, and STARZ is where you'll eventually find it.
Reckless Review - CBS TV

Reckless Review – CBS Explores Insult TV So Popular On Other Networks

Reckless, a rare, completely garbage offering from CBS, is apparently by, for, and about people who have never watched television before. It's off-day soap opera material delivered by people whose list of positives (that we care about) begin and end with the fact that they are simply fantastic looking.