Celebrity Name Game With Craig Ferguson Preview And Interview

Celebrity Name Game is coming, and if you're a fan of Craig Ferguson, you have to check out what he has to say about it.

The Mysteries Of Laura Review – NBC TV

Attempting to blaze a new trail in the guilty pleasure category, the best you're going to hear about The Mysteries of Laura is, "it's silly, but I like to watch it," which isn't quite an endorsement that will pull you in. There are a few moments of fun, and Debra Messing is good, but this is a show that doesn't know what it's doing, and will be unwatchable for most.
ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween

ABC Family’s 16th Annual 13 Nights Of Halloween Scares Up Fun Starting Oct. 19

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween is back, and the viewing tradition is loaded with classics and some new favorites, as well as Halloween episode specials.

Forever Review – ABC TV

There is every chance that ABC's Forever is going to be your new favorite show, and if the cast doesn't win you over, the writing will. Check out the pilot, and if you think there is any chance this show is for you, take my word for it, just lock things down now, you'll love it.

Photos – Gotham Premiere Screening Event And VIP Party In New York City

Check out all the fun and excitement of the Gotham Premiere Party that took place in New York City.