MYSTERY GIRLS - ABC Family's "Mystery Girls" stars Tori Spelling as Holly, Miguel Pinzon as Nick and Jennie Garth as Charlie.

Mystery Girls TV Review – ABC Family

Mystery Girls is train wreck television at its worst, without even a valid entry point for disliking it from the proper angle. It's so convinced that any audience tuning in is even more stupid than its main character that it doesn't bother (one must assume) with second takes, rewrites, and possibly even directors.

Gotham Introduces Its Villains – Teaser Spot And Preview Images

Gotham is going to keep teasing you along, and a new villain promo is a great push to try to get you invested.

History’s Vikings Announces New Cast Members For Season Three

Vikings is stacking the deck again, and there are some really interesting cast additions happening.
The Last Ship TNT

The Last Ship Review – TNT Pushes Drama Until Everything Explodes

The Last Ship has little to offer any demographic, especially any of those that might tune in. It's largely sappy and nonsensical, and hopefully won't be around long.

Joan Rivers Bashes Lena Dunham Again Because Fat Women Should Hide, Forgets She’s A...

Joan Rivers is apparently still clueless as to her hate-watch status, but she doesn't like fat women, so chew on that.