History’s Vikings Announces New Cast Members For Season Three

Vikings is stacking the deck again, and there are some really interesting cast additions happening.
The Last Ship TNT

The Last Ship Review – TNT Pushes Drama Until Everything Explodes

The Last Ship has little to offer any demographic, especially any of those that might tune in. It's largely sappy and nonsensical, and hopefully won't be around long.

Joan Rivers Bashes Lena Dunham Again Because Fat Women Should Hide, Forgets She’s A...

Joan Rivers is apparently still clueless as to her hate-watch status, but she doesn't like fat women, so chew on that.
Cold Justice TNT Kelly Siegler Yolanda McClary

Cold Justice Returns June 20th With New Cases And Update Episode

TNT's Cold Justice is about to hit with new episodes, and a marathon, and you don't want to miss this one.

Fargo Finale Caps Off Series Brilliantly… Mostly

Fargo, almost unbelievably, wraps up well and delivers an end that fans will love... but I want something to be different.