Cold Justice TNT Kelly Siegler Yolanda McClary

Cold Justice Returns June 20th With New Cases And Update Episode

TNT's Cold Justice is about to hit with new episodes, and a marathon, and you don't want to miss this one.

Younger Hits TV Land March 31st, Get Ready With 30-Minute Clip Of Audiobook

You don't want to miss Younger when it hits TV Land on March 31st, and you might as well get a feel for what's coming with a clip from the audiobook the show is based on.

Justified Season Finale Preview – Ep. 13 Restitution Airs April 8th

Oddly enough, I was just talking with someone about Justified, and how the series is amazing just in its ability to seemingly get rid of just about everyone at...
FOREVER - "Skinny Dipper" ABC

ABC’s Forever Cranks Up The Heat With ‘Skinny Dipper’ – Preview

The latest episode of Forever turns up the heat, and pulls 'Adam' into things. What's Henry do when he is artfully framed for murder?

History’s Houdini Releases Classic Posters With Adrien Brody

History's Houdini is pulling out all the stops when it comes to cool promotions, including putting Adrien Brody into classic Houdini posters.