Whodunnit TV Review

There's something in the theory that's appealing, and hopefully the show moves past the Clue-esque shtick quickly, but it feels rough, and doesn't pull as hard as it thinks.

The Goodwin Games TV Review – Watch It Before Premiere

A quirky sit-com that doesn't play up the comedy. The Goodwin Games is more fun than funny, and a welcome family effort.

Vikings TV Review

An adventurous character study, Vikings may not be what people expect from History, but it fits in with the in crowd.

Suits TV Review – USA

USA has a good history with me, and apart from Fairly Legal, it is the home of some of my favorite shows. The network stands out to me, because...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review – Samberg Takes Cops For A Ride

On September 17th, SNL's Andy Samberg is going to try to sell you on cop comedy, and it's about as tough a game as coming up with a Brooklyn Nine-Nine...