American Crime Review TV

American Crime Review – TV ABC – Racial Tension Drama Sidesteps Overblown Theatrics

American Crime is potentially one of the most engaging, powerful shows to come along in years, but with that potential comes the possibility that it will ultimately all come crashing down. It's riddled with complexity, by design, and because it doesn't have forever to work its characters, they are drawn with broad strokes, meant to represent "America" in a grand sense that may make it hard to hook audiences.

Outlander Review – TV – STARZ

Outlander delivers better than even those with high expectations had any right to expect. That's not because the books aren't good (I don't know), but because the translation to screen has so many mistakes to avoid. You can see the series avoiding them, and that's a kind of magic itself. It's fun, but has just the right amount of depth to keep you hooked.
Call the Midwife Season 4video

Call The Midwife Returns To PBS March 29th With Season 4 – Review –...

Call the Midwife has a hurdle to get over with the fourth season, and it hopes to manage it with new introductions.

Last Man Standing TV Review – ABC

The best thing ABC's Last Man Standing has going for it is that TV Land is now producing its own shows. If this Tim Allen effort had come out...

Marvel’s Agent Carter Review – TV ABC

Marvel's Agent Carter is almost an experimental piece, as we test the waters of branching into completely different themes and theories, and the cast makes this one work.