Crowded NBC Pilot

Crowded Review – NBC Draws From TV Land For Huge Win

Crowded is, quite simply, the show you've been waiting for... assuming you're a fan of Warburton, Suzanne Martin's work (Hot in Cleveland), or just like to laugh.

Forever Review – ABC TV

There is every chance that ABC's Forever is going to be your new favorite show, and if the cast doesn't win you over, the writing will. Check out the pilot, and if you think there is any chance this show is for you, take my word for it, just lock things down now, you'll love it.

Melissa & Joey TV Review

Following the success of ABC Family's original movie My Fake Fiance (nope, totally serious), the dripping with nostalgic cuteness couple of Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are back...

Mob City Review – TNT Showcases Darabont

Mob City is a thrill ride in a way that only really slow, methodical stories can be, which makes no sense, unless it does, and then you'll love it.

Will TV Review – TNT Rocks The Bard

Will gets moving pretty quickly and then keeps to a furious pace, which is all to the good as the dialog and charm of its star drag you along.