The Exorcist - FOX

The Exorcist Review – FOX Offers Fall’s Most Surprising Show

The Exorcist might be a show that many wrote off as soon as they heard the name, but this is without question the surprise of the season, and almost bizarrely fun.
The Family ABC

‘The Family’ Review: ABC Piles On Drama To Little Effect

The Family goes through the motions of many shows that came before it in the now popular long-arc realm, but it doesn't seem to understand what worked, beyond making things dramatic, and hoping for secrets.

The Deep End On ABC Review

Shows with lawyers obviously aren't going anywhere, and ABC's newest effort, The Deep End, seems to be aiming at an interesting approach... maybe. Though we are looking for something like...

Suburgatory TV Review – ABC

ABC's Suburgatory is a show that, whatever else it may manage, is going to have a lot of critics talking. A lot of them are going to love it,...

One Big Happy Review – TV NBC

One Big Happy needs you to settle in with it. It's working a theory that you'll like these people, as opposed to having to make you laugh ten times a minute. It has the cast to pull it off, and if you're on board for something that is insanely fun, instead of funny, you'll be glad you gave it a shot.