Beverly Hills Nannies TV Review

Just another train wreck of rich people who are at least too stupid to realize we're only watching because we find them, as entities, a twisted joke.

Happy Endings TV Review

ABC's Happy Endings is yet another in a growing list of recent premieres with titles that don't make a lot of sense to me (Don't get me started on...

Frontier House – TV Review – PBS Tries The Real World

The recent rash of reality television I've forced myself to watch inspired in me a great longing for more of the PBS efforts into reality.  You're probably familiar with...

Who Do You Think You Are? TV Review

The burning question for Who Do You Think You Are?, the latest show to jump the pond, is going to be how the ratings stack up from week to week....

Empire Review – TV FOX

There's very little positive going on in Empire, except that Terrence Howard is worth watching. The trouble is that it's so far down the rabbit hole that it sort of dares you to be able to describe how bad it really is. It tries like hell, and you have to give it something for that, but a lot of what it tries relies heavily on your stupidity.