Blindspot NBC

Blindspot Review – TV NBC

Blindspot pulls you in well, even if the opening scene isn't quite what the show thinks it is, and the stars nail the entry. The wild theory behind things give you enough to hook you, and the effort toward a realistic response will keep you. If there's any chance that you'll like it, you'll love it.

HBO Girls TV Review

HBO's Girls is a tricky venture, and one of the few series to come out of HBO in a while that has everyone talking, but isn't likely to get...

Manifest Review – NBC Hopes To Get Found By Getting Lost

It's hard to avoid comparisons to Lost after taking in NBC's Manifest, and while that may pull in a lot of viewers, it also makes it tricky...

Mob City Review – TNT Showcases Darabont

Mob City is a thrill ride in a way that only really slow, methodical stories can be, which makes no sense, unless it does, and then you'll love it.
Legends Review TNT TV Sean Bean

Legends Review – TNT Puts Sean Bean Under The Spy Microscope

TNT's Legends is a must watch of the highest order. It has a few flaws, but they are the sort that are likely to sort themselves out. The big question mark is just how "out there" the big mystery will go, but it's worth giving the benefit of the doubt for now.