Sleepy Hollow Review: FOX Jumps In The Wacky Fantasy Genre

Another in the growing list of crazy adventure shows, this one is hard to place at this point. Sleepy Hollow has a lot going for it in its star, but where it heads (ha) now is up for grabs.

The Michael J. Fox Show Review – A Star Is Reborn

It's the funniest new show on television, if you have the right frame of mind for that statement, and it's the one I most hope people watch.

Mr. Robinson Review – TV NBC

Mr. Robinson has potential, but doesn't feel completely comfortable with itself until you get in a few episodes, and not enough people may be willing to wait. Robinson himself is worth watching, but the scenery around him wants to be everything, and it doesn't work well enough to get really excited about.

Tin Star Review – Tim Roth Tackles Big Oil And Personality Flaws

Tim Roth's Tin Star is easily one of the best performances the year will offer, though the show itself doesn't quite live up to that. It's a wildly fun thriller, but it will make you uncomfortable to say that, and it's one you'll definitely find yourself wanting to binge.

Empire Review – TV FOX

There's very little positive going on in Empire, except that Terrence Howard is worth watching. The trouble is that it's so far down the rabbit hole that it sort of dares you to be able to describe how bad it really is. It tries like hell, and you have to give it something for that, but a lot of what it tries relies heavily on your stupidity.